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Frequently Asked Questions

What is seek it find it fast? is a new type of genealogy site. It provides a central ‘web portal’ which allows you to search for records on a variety of other web sites run by Family History Societies, Historical Associations, Museums and Records and Archive Departments. All these web sites are powered by the Frontis Archive Publishing System (

Where does the information come from?

All the information is transcribed, digitised and uploaded by the organisations who manage each Frontis based web site. Most of the work is done by volunteers in each of the organisations concerned. The sources are many and varied, but usually are records of a local or specialist interest not otherwise found on other search sites but which can contain valuable information about how your ancestors lived.

What do I do if I find some incorrect information?

You need to contact the organisation running the web site concerned. only provide the search portal.

How do I put data on the site?

If you are a representative of a Family History Society, Historical Association, Museum or any other organisation which has records and archives and you want to publish them online, then get in contact with Frontis with regard to setting up your own site. Unfortunately Frontis do not offer the service to individuals at this time.

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